89 candidates elected unanimously in DK GP polls

89 candidates elected unanimously in DK GP polls

7,500 candidates in fray; polls on May 12

As many as 89 candidates have been elected unanimously in the district. The total available seats are 3,208. Though the district has 203 Gram Panchayats, three Gram Panchayats namely Pudu in Bantwal, Venur and Aarambodi in Belthangady will not go for polling as their term has not concluded. The term of Pudu will complete on February 6, 2013 and Venur and Aarambodi on February 23, 2011.

Mangalore taluk has 49 gram panchayats with 938 seats. However, 27 have been elected unanimously. A total of 2,306 candidates are in fray.  In Belthangady taluk, seven candidates have been elected unanimously. They include Ujire (2), Mithabagilu (1), Dharmasthala (1), Neriya (1), Kuvettu (1) and Bariya (1). The total number of Gram Panchayats in the taluk are 41 with 583 seats. A total of 1,471 candidates are in fray.

The Puttur taluk has 37 gram panchayats with 563 seats. Of which, six members have been elected unanimously at Bajathur (1), Shiradi (1), Kombaru (1), Aithur (2), Kuttrupady (1). Hence, the election will be held for 557 seats and the total number of candidates in fray are 1,279.

Bantwal has 46 gram panchayats with 804 seats. The total candidates contesting for the polls are 1,736. A total of 30 members have been elected unopposed in the taluk. They include Pilathabettu (1), Amtadi (1), Meramajalu (2), Sajipamunnur (1), Kurnadu (1), Fajeer (2), Manchi (2), Idkidu (2), Vitlapadnur (1), Sajipamooda (16), Naringana (1). Accordingly, polling will be held for 774 seats in the taluk.

Sullia taluk has 27 Gram Panchayats with 320 seats. The total number of candidates who have been elected unanimously are 19. They include Kalladka (9), Aivarnadu (1), Hariharapallathadka (2), Nellurukemraje (6), Mandekolu (1). The total number of candidates in fray is 708.

Polling booths

The districts has 1,115 polling booths. Of which, 252 are sensitive booths and 176 are hyper sensitive booths. Sensitive booths include Mangalore—111, Bantwal—57, Belthangady—23, Puttur—43, Sullia—18. Hypersensitive booths include Mangalore —70, Bantwal —57, Belthangady—24, Puttur—15 and Sullia—10.

Twelve villages have been declared as Naxal infested areas by the government in the district. In this background, 32 polling booths will be provided with additional security. The villages which have been declared as Naxal infested are Laila, Nada, Navoor, Malanthike, Mithabagilu, Savanalu, Shirlalu, Naravi, Kuthlur, Sulkeri, Sulkeri Mogru, Navara.


In Mangalore taluk, there are 938 seats for which 3,362 candidates had filed nomination, out of which 42 were rejected. In Bantwal, there are 804 seats for which 2,813 nominations were filed, while 71 were rejected. In Belthangady, 2,178 nominations were filed for 583 seats and 20 were rejected while 1,953 nominations were filed for 563 seats in Puttur taluk and 21 were rejected.

In Sullia taluk, 1,277 nominations were filed for 320 seats and 20 were rejected.  A total of 11,583 nominations were filed for 3,208 seats out of which 10,640 were in order. A total of 174 were rejected. May 3 was the last date to withdraw the nomination.