Stalled printer repair

Many of us would have faced the stalled printing jobs problem at some time or the other - stuck print job when something doesn’t print, and when we cancel or delete the system says “Deleting..” but never does! No more exasperation or wringing of hands while facing such a kind of situation, thanks to Stalled Printer Repair. It is a small, and portable application designed to list the stalled print jobs and clear the printer spool of all the stuck jobs. The other features are : Portable Application - does not need to be installed and does not write to the registry; Replaces the Manual Process, very useful to stop the printing too, just include it in the start menu. The 346 KB Stalled Printer Repair v1.2 (April 10, 2009) for Windows NT, 2000, XP, or Vista can be downloaded at http://www.fantasticfreeware.com-a.googlepages.com/StalledPrinterRepair.zip


Switcher, akin to Expose for Mac,  is an application switcher for Windows Vista or Windows 7. It facilitates three variations of visual display: tile view, dock view, and grid view.  Switcher can be brought into play by a user-defined hotkey or via mouse movement (or a combination).  Just type in a keyword or a part of a keyword in order to filter the displayed options and hone in on the program or window that you wish to focus. The other features include : switcher numbers the windows such that the  desired selection can be made by pressing the corresponding number key on your keyboard;  it remembers your keyword filter across sessions, search function:  auto completes a keyword; customizable; and low on resources. The 2.09 MB Switcher v2.0.02705 for Windows Vista, Windows 7 can be downloaded at http://insentient.net/


Panchang is developed by a start-up based in Bangalore which specialises in mobile applications. Panchang is currently is available for most Nokia devices with touch support. Its features include: support both English and Hindi languages; provides  complete Panchang details for Purnimant as well as Amavasyant types; can generate Panchangs for more than 125 cities from 26 different countries;  provides Sunrise, Sunset and Moonrise timings for all supported cities (takes care of Daylight Saving Time);  displays all lunar and solar Eclipses in the year; Hindu festivals and events for each location; displays 30 phases of Moon with 30 different moon images; lists all Shraddha, Ekadashi and Pradosh dates, and more. To know more visit http://www.adarshapps.com/. To download visit Ovi Store at http://store.ovi.com/content/28381. Panchang has been rated with 4 stars (out of 5) on Ovi website, and was downloaded 16,242 times, during last month.