Spirituality means interest in life

Spirituality means interest in life

Right now, most of the population has come to this conclusion: spirituality is for those people who are not interested in life. How can this be? Spirituality means your interest in life has gone so deep, you want to know everything about life. That's why spirituality. Your involvement is so deep that apart from physical dimension of life, you want to know all of life; that is spirituality.
People who are trying to avoid life, how can they be spiritual?

There is no question, there is no chance for such a person to be spiritual because spirituality needs absolute, total involvement with everything. So these philosophies of detachment have not only suffocated life, have destroyed all spiritual possibilities in the planet because most people have developed an aversion to spirituality.

The general understanding in most people is, if you have to be spiritual you should not eat properly, dress or live properly and should be suffocated or should look suffocated at least. If you smile and enjoy your life you are not considered spiritual. This is all because of philosophies of detachment.

Philosophies can be woven whichever way you want, but that's not life. You came here to live life, not to avoid life. It is just that spiritual process means you don't want to be lost on the surface of life. You want to go to the very core of life. So that does not come with detachment. That comes only with involvement. Your involvement should go far deeper than what it is right now. By avoiding life, no spiritual process can happen.

Detachment philosophies have come from the understanding, 'Being dead is easy, life is difficult. So nothing should happen to me.' People come and ask me 'Sadhguru please bless us: nothing should happen to me.' What kind of blessing is that?

My blessing is - let everything happen to you. Should life happen to you or not happen to you? It should happen to you isn't it? So let everything happen to you. Nothing will happen to you only if you are detached. Even if everything is happening you will not know the taste of it, if you are detached. You must be involved, only then you will know the taste of life.