M P Prakash against toppling BJP government

In the backdrop of the rising dissidence in the BJP government in Karnataka, senior Congress leader M P Prakash on Saturday pleaded with his party top brass not to destabilise the democratically elected government.

Prakash, who led a delegation of leaders from Karnataka comprising Amaregouda Byyapura, H S Mahadeva Prasad and Rani Satish met Defence Minister A K Antony and senior leader Oscar Fernandes and urged them that the Congress should not try to fish in troubled waters as it may boomerang on it at a later stage.

“If anyone destabilises the Yeddyurappa government, there will be chances of the BJP government returning to power because of the sympathy factor”, he said.

Admitting that there was a talk among some Congress leaders to join hands with the disgruntled elements to topple the government, he said: “Let the BJP government collapse on its own, then we can see what we can do”.

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