And the clutter continues...

And the clutter continues...


And the clutter continues...

It’s no news that traffic is one of the biggest problems faced by the people in Bangalore today. There are tons of people who complain about the traffic jams, the small roads, and the pollution without realising that they too, have a role to play in the state of things.

With over 250 vehicles being added to the roads of the City every day, there soon won’t be any space left to use. Metrolife asks the young blood of Bangalore if they are willing to make that extra effort to save fuel and cut down on traffic by stepping out in buses instead of their private vehicles.

With around 6,000 public transport buses which carry more people around in a day than cars and two-wheelers, it looks like most of the traffic is caused by private vehicles. But what does the youth feel? “On a daily basis, I prefer to travel in a bus to my college. It saves money,” says Kavya, a student.

“I do prefer the public transport because parking is an issue and also driving in this maddening traffic is so difficult,” says Shivprakash, a professional. “But buses don’t come on time and are inconvenient,” he adds.

In spite of excess traffic, many still don’t flinch before opting for a car. “If I have an option, I would rather travel in a private car. I would travel in buses only if there were more air-conditioned buses out there,” says Shikha, a student. “I am aware of the environmental impact but I don’t think I would give up driving my bike,” says Aditya, a student. And this is the general attitude of the people even though when they are aware that buses use lesser fuel and lesser space to transport the same number of people.

“I feel people don’t think much before taking their vehicles out, irrespective of the damage they do,” says Anuj, a student. “People buy more vehicles with the easy banks loans, forgetting that it doesn’t increase the space on the road,” says Ashwin, a student.

Youngsters also find the public transport system to be inadequate. “Public transport should be cheaper and timely for the public to be tempted to use it regularly,” says Raghu, a professional. “I think there should be more air conditioned buses out there,” says Naveen, a professional.

People also agree that there is a need to encourage the public transport. “While it is easier to complain, we still are faced with the fact that 40 years later, there would be no fuel left on the planet,” says Anuj. So if we don’t think before using our cars now, we should definitely think before having children who would be living in that age.