Kanishka bombing inquiry report to be released next month

Kanishka bombing inquiry report to be released next month

The government has issued a notice seeking printers to publish the six volume containing 3,169 page English language report. The French version of the report has 3,869 pages. The notice requires a June 10 delivery date.

June 23 will mark the 25th anniversary of the bombing, which killed 329 people when the plane exploded off the coast of Ireland.

The commission, headed by former supreme court judge Justice John Major, finished its enquiry last December and is awaiting translation and a national security review.
A notice on the commission's website said they would announce the release date "early in 2010."

Commission staff reviewed tens of thousands of documents and heard more than 200 witnesses on the Sikh terrorist attack and the botched investigation into it.

Ujjal Dosanjh, a Liberal MP who has frequently spoken out against Sikh extremism, said that he hopes to see recommendations for more resources to help police and intelligence agencies.

He'd also like tighter Canada Revenue Agency rules to prevent Canadians from donating to political organizations that might be financing terrorism.

"Terrorism will find a way to happen regardless of how modernized the tools are, how effective the policing is, so we should continue to make efforts to improve ourselves all the time," he said.