Shahzad's arrest vindicates India's stand: Krishna

Shahzad's arrest vindicates India's stand: Krishna

Shahzad's arrest vindicates India's stand: Krishna

S M Krishna

"The nature of the development with reference to the particular incident in New York is only the vindication of what India has been conveying to the US government, that epicentre of all terrorist activities comes from only one country, External Affairs Minister S M Krishna said in the Rajya Sabha.

Although he did not name Pakistan, he was clearly referring to the country where Times Square bomb suspect Faisal Shahzad has his origin.

"This strengthens India's assessment in the situation, and, I am sure that US will understand that the reality is terrorist attack can emanate from anywhere. It can strike at any place," Krishna said indicating that even the US could be affected.
"So, a constant vigilance is something which we will have to continue," he said answering supplementaries during the Question Hour.

The minister was responding when a BJP member asked whether the government, in the wake of Times Square incident, would again bring to US' attention the concerns in India about terrorism emanating from Pakistan.Shahzad, earlier this week, had parked an explosive-laden vehicle at Times Square but it was detected before it could go off. Within hours he was arrested from the the JKF airport.

Answering questions on government's stand vis-a-vis US' plan to supply drone aircrafts to Pakistan, Krishna said constant vigil needs to be undertaken on the neighbouring country's usage of arms.

"During all our high level deliberations with the US, whether it is at PM's level, my level or the foreign secretary level, we tell them about the relentless threat we face from Pakistan whenever it receives such assistance. We have consistently shared our concerns with the US on supply of military equipments to Pakistan by it.

"We have always drawn the US' attention and cautioned it about our past experience which shows that it has always been used against us. However, the US administration has assured us that regular monitoring is done by it on the usage of military equipment by Pakistan. We are also monitoring it," he said. Krishna said the government always sees to it that the US is kept informed about its concerns over such transactions "and how there is always a lurking danger hanging on our head".

He said, "the US government has assured us that our concerns would be kept in mind while giving such assistance and that the use of such assistance would be monitored."
At the same time, he said, "India has not opposed assistance being provided to Pakistan to help it combat terrorism. In regard to supply of drones to Pakistan, Indian government has commented that the US government was free to supply military hardware to Pakistan as long as it was not directed against us".