The Case of the Disappearing Ring

The Case of the Disappearing Ring

The Case of the Disappearing Ring

 "My grandmother gave this to me on my thirteenth birthday and today, I want you to have it", she said.

Nestling in the velvet lining of the box was a lovely ring with an emerald in the centre and a pearl on each side.  "It's my birthstone, Dadi!  Thank you.  I love it", said a delighted Simran, slipping it on her finger.  "It's loose", said her younger sister Rinku a bit enviously.  "I want one too Dadi", she said.  "Yes dear, but you'll have to wait till your thirteenth birthday", said Dadima.

All her friends admired Simran's ring which matched her silky green blouse.  "Thanks for the ring", said Nisha with a twinkle in her eye, slipping it off Simran's finger deftly while shaking hands.  "It's a gift from Dadi", said Simran laughing and putting it on again. "I wish my grandma gave me something like that", commented Leena.

Uncle Raju stroked her head saying "Nice ring Beta, but shouldn't it be worn on your finger and not in the ear?"  To Simran's surprise he produced her ring from behind her ear.  Everyone laughed as they all knew that uncle Raju, a magician by profession, was up to his tricks.

There was much excitement during the treasure hunt when clue after clue was unearthed beneath flower pots, cushions and in drawers.  Suddenly the current went and they were thrown into darkness, but not for long because Ma appeared holding Simran's chocolate cake with all thirteen candles lit.

By the time Simran blew out the magic candles which kept relighting, the generator had kicked in and lights were back on.  As she cut the cake, Simran looked at her messy fingers and cried out "Oh no! Where's my ring?"

She thought hard.  Perhaps, she had left it in the bathroom earlier when she had gone to wash her hands.  But alas! It wasn't there.

A second treasure hunt began in search of the missing ring.  All kinds of uncharitable thoughts raced through Simran's mind.  Someone had put "nazar" on her ring.  She wondered if the new maid had stolen it.  Could her friends or uncle Raju be playing a prank on her?  "You didn't take it, did you?" she questioned Rinku.  Most offended Rinku said, "Perhaps you dropped it in the loo and flushed it down." "Ugh!  Only you could think of something so gross!" exclaimed Simran.

Simran felt queasy.  How would she face Dadima?  She had lost her precious family heirloom on the very day it had been gifted to her.  They would all consider her irresponsible.  Her head began to spin and legs felt weak.  Beads of perspiration dotted her worried brow.  Ma dragged her under the fan.  "Loosen your belt", she said, "You'll feel better.  Don't worry; I'm sure the ring will show up". Just then Simran felt something crawling down her leg and screamed, "There's a bug in my pant".  She started shaking her leg and stamping around while something wriggled down it.   She cut quite a comical picture.

Everybody stared open-mouthed when they heard a clink and out of Simran's jeans onto the floor, rolled the elusive ring.  Imagine their surprise.  It must have slipped off Simran's finger whilst she tucked in her blouse and was in her clothes all the while they were turning the house inside out for it.  When she loosened her belt it found its way out through her jeans.  They all burst out laughing.  Simran felt rather sheepish though she was relieved they had finally solved the mystery of the disappearing ring.