Students from poor families raise the bar

Students from poor families raise the bar

Shaikh Modinsab Sabjalsab Manvi impressed the villagers and teachers by scoring 74 per cent. “What is noteworthy about Modinsab is his background. He comes from a very poor family. He would work till 10 pm after the school hours in a garage to help his family,” school teacher Rajesh told Deccan Herald.

Modinsab was the most popular student among the teachers as he would coach his class-mates who were weak in different subjects. Moreover, Modinsab is an excellent athlete and excelled in cultural events as well. Interestingly, he never went for tuition classes though a few of his class-mates did, he added.

“I don’t know what to do next. It is extremely difficult for me complete higher education as I require more financial resources. I want to be a top officer, but I don’t think my background will permit me. I have decided to opt for a diploma course as I can’t afford to register for PU education, Modinsab told Deccan Herald.

A girl named Yashoda Badiger set a new record in the school’s history by securing 94  marks in English. She comes from a very poor family. A girl from a rural area, where the English teachers are in great demand, scoring 94 marks is a remarkable fete as most of the students in rural schools struggle to pass in the subject, a few teachers of the school said.

“I have plans to study Arts and become a school teacher. I can’t dream anything beyond this as my financial status and other things permit me to do so,” Yashoda said. Overall pass percentage of the school is 86.8 per cent. Both Yashoda and Modinsab were about to discontinue schooling as they could not afford annual fee and examination fee.