Puttaswamy accused of cheating woman

Puttaswamy accused of cheating woman

Vijayalakshmi, a resident of Tiptur in Tumkur district, has complained to the State Human Rights Commission that Puttaswamy cheated her after marrying her in 1980s. She alleged that Puttaswamy was taking care of her livelihood from past 10 years.

Vijayalakshmi, 55, in her petition to the Commission, said that Puttaswamy married her at Yediyur Siddalingeshwara Temple. She was not told that Puttaswamy was already married by then.

She lived with him for few years in Mysore and returned to Tiptur to look after her parents. For a couple of years Puttaswamy paid her maintenance and then stopped it. She now wanted him to live with her and look after her needs.

Puttaswamy said he had married Vijayalakshmi when his first wife was suffering from severe illness. They had separated with mutual consent 22 years ago. “I have paid her maintenance at the time of separation”, he said.

Puttaswamy alleged that his political rivals and a few opponents in the Karnataka Ganigara Sangha were raking up the 22 years old issue.