Failures as learning opportunities

Failures as learning opportunities

Any failure will crush them. Parenting involves making such children humble enough to accept the facts of life and having thus accepted the facts of life, to persuade them to proceed proactively in a creative mode.

This acceptance is a very important energy that a parent has to create in the child. I always tell that life is like painting and not mere arithmetic. In arithmetic you dabble with facts.

In painting you use the brush in whatever way you want and learn how to be creative. So you have to develop in the child, the energy called acceptance. It is like training in weight lifting when you find the child's biceps are weak. The child has to exercise more on the biceps. We rate ability in children by what they finish, not by what they attempt.

Enlighten your child to be like the ship with a compass. Another important dimension is that most of us are like a ship in the sea without a compass. Just imagine a ship in the ocean without a compass.

It does not know where it is and where it has to go. If you do not know where you are going, then it does not matter which road you should take to reach your destination. Many youngsters do not have a goal in their lives nor have their parents taught them the need for a compass in life. So parents should teach children to create a very powerful compass. A compass to learn to be an outer as well as an inner winner in life.

Outer winner gives one success. Inner winner gives one satisfaction. A child should inculcate the value that he should learn to be successful; he has to learn to be satisfied. Many people are successful but are not necessarily satisfied. Many others are satisfied but are not successful. Striking a balance between success and satisfaction is important. 'Success is getting what I like; satisfaction is liking what I get'.

Mere success is not equal to satisfaction. Most youngsters do not see this fact. I have seen people who are very successful, but are not satisfied. If your mind were filled with impurity even if you become successful, you would not be satisfied.