Glam up your eyes

Glam up your eyes

Glam up your eyes

Eye glamour is the most exciting feature of make-up. It adds meaning and expression to the face. If properly applied, it can transform a plain Jane into a real stunner. What you need is mastery over brush movements and colours. Blending and shading are necessary to create the look you want. 

Skilful make-up is based on three fundamental techniques — blending, shadowing and highlighting. Each step is separate, but the effort creates a total impact. While blending, there are two vital tricks to remember:

* Light colours emphasise an area
* Dark colours help to tone down or make the area recede

Shadowing and highlighting are techniques that complement each other. Make-up techniques should be subtle, regardless of the time, effort and equipment that may have been used.

What you need

* Three blending colours (from light to dark) for the lid, crease of the eyelids and the brow bone.
* Sponge applicators
* Eyebrow pencil
* Eye pencil or Kaajal
* Eyeliner
* Mascara
* Eyelash brush
* Small comb for the brows
* Small, hand-held mirror
* Tweezers

First, use a small comb or brush, to brush the eyebrows into shape. If they need touching up, use light feathery strokes with a brown or grey eye pencil.

Powder shadows are easier to apply than creamy ones.  If the skin is dry and has tiny wrinkles, apply a light moisturiser on the eyelids before you begin. When you apply eyeshadow, it should be from the inner corners going outwards.

Blending is important. First apply the base shade, which should be neither too light nor too dark. Apply it all over the eyelids, blending well. Next apply a dark shade in the crease of the eyes, to define the socket. The lightest shade should be applied on the brow bone, just beneath the brows. Lighter shades help to emphasise the area. For a glam look, use a frosted highlight on the brow bone and shine on the eyelids. 
Actually, evening make-up for the eyes can do with some shine or gloss. The colours to use are browns, bronze and gold. Brown eyeshadow can be applied in the crease of the lids, to add depth. Highlight the brows with gold or ivory. For a more dramatic effect, use a dark brown, or dark grey eyeshadow on the eyelids close to the lashes and stroke it upwards and outwards. Silver or shimmering bronze and copper can be also used as eyeshadow if you’re working towards a sophisticated look. White, pearly shimmer may also be used on the eyes, under the brows or at the temples.

For smoky eyes

You may want the smoky look, with eyeliner-defined eyes. Blacks and dark browns are popular shades. Eye pencils are easier to apply than eye liners, but with a little practice, your hand will be steady. Kaajal sticks are also easy to use. Apply on the lower lid, just below the lashes, for an exotic look with Indian outfits. Make a line with the liner or pencil, on the upper lid from the inner corner, going along the eyelid to the outer corner, close to the lashes. Instead of a harsh line, strive for a slightly smudged look. You can do this with a damp sponge applicator. 

Eye make-up during the day should be light. Opt for an eye pencil and mascara to brighten the eyes. Or, line your eyes with brown eye shadow, eyeliner or eye pencil. Grey liner or pencil is appropriate for day make-up.

Mascara adds glamour to eye make-up. A roll-on mascara is easy to apply. When applying mascara on the upper lashes, look downwards. You can apply the mascara both above and below the upper lashes. This gives a thicker look. Apply on the lower lashes too. Wait for a while and apply a second coat. Then brush out the lashes, with a small eyelash brush, otherwise the lashes will stick together. The idea is to achieve a natural effect. For thicker lashes, you can powder the lashes between two coats of mascara.

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