Stupefied by spectacular stunts

Stupefied by spectacular stunts

Stupefied by spectacular stunts

Chris performing one of the stunts. dh photos by ms manjunath

After wowing audiences and fans in New Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad, it was time for Bangalore to experience a whole new dimension in motorbike stunting.

Shepherded right through his tour by MTV VJ Rannvijay who also happens to be a diehard fan, the stunter performed several of his best known tricks like the high chair wheelie, the no hands wheelie, the circular wheelie, the stoppie and the burnout.

The crowd which had clambered on to the surrounding buildings, trees and the balconies let out deafening roars of approval, whistles and catcalls as Chris delighted them with his showmanship and technique.

“I have been following his videos for a while on the Internet and it was great to be able to watch him performing live in the City,” said Subir Patel, a student fan.

With over six thousand screaming fans watching, Pfeiffer used his stunt bike like an extension of his body twisting and turning it to impossible degrees.

While maintaining tight control of his machine, he took his performance to the next level jumping over upto eight volunteers from the crowd.

He also did near impossible manoeuvres without his hands on the handle – like riding backwards, doing one-handed crossovers, fender grabs, touchdowns and different variations of the same!

“The crowd’s reaction that I have received in India is simply amazing. I am delighted to meet so many of my fans who have been following me over the last couple of years,” said Pfeiffer.

“The energy of the Bangalore crowd has been simply superb. It was a  an amazing audience to perform in front of and an unforgettable experience for me,” he added.