Wen for greater Sino-India partnership in green tech

Wen for greater Sino-India partnership in green tech

During his meeting with Jairam Ramesh, Minister of State for Environment and Forests, Wen on Friday fondly recalled the close partnership he forged with Singh during last year’s Climate Change negotiations at Copenhagen as he conveyed his appreciation for the Indian premier's view that India and China need not be competitors. The Chinese leader said that the two countries should take forward their close cooperation forged in the field of climate change negotiations to that of renewable energy, new energy sources for automobiles, solar wind and geo thermal fields.

Wen said the two countries should establish collaborative partnerships to promote green technologies in clean coal, renewable energy, new energy sources for automobiles, solar wind and geo thermal fields. Wen said such a partnership not only benefited the two countries but also the rest of the world, said Ramesh, who has arrived here on Friday to take part in an international environment conference here.

"I am pleasantly surprised to see the Chinese Prime Minister coming out with an elaborate response to my suggestion that India and China should move forward their cooperation forged on climate negotiations to technology collaboration in the field of green technologies," Ramesh told reporters here. The Prime Minister also mentioned the rapid advances made by China in the fields of low carbon emission technologies and said that two countries can work together in this field.

Terming Singh as "a special friend," Wen said he endorsed Singh's view that India-China need not be competitors and world was big enough to accommodate each other's aspirations. Ramesh, who is here for the second time in less than a month, will address the conference on climate change on Saturday being held to showcase its commitment to reduce carbon emissions.

Last month, the Environment minister headed India’s first ministerial delegation at the Boa Asian Forum held at China’s Hainan province. During Ramesh's visit, the two countries are expected to deepen bilateral cooperation on climate change negotiations, development of technology and research in new areas to combat global warming.

Ahead of Environment Minister Ramesh's visit, a delegation of Indian Forest officials visited China recently to study the forest management practises being followed by Beijing. China has successfully implemented reforestation programmes in the recent years, expanding its forest cover by about 20 per cent and Indian officials sought to study the forest management methods adopted by the Communist nation.

The India-China cooperation in forest management was expected to cover prevention and control of desertification, construction of wildlife and wetland natural reserves and the development of fast-growing, high-yield timber forests.