Finding grooms is daunting

Gurinder Chadha is branded a woman of substance. But her latest take on multi-cultural dark comedy is a total waste of time.

Mrs Sethi (Azmi), a widow wants nothing else but to get her daughter Roopi (Notay) happily married. However, Roopi is not the ‘ideal catch’ from an Indian perspective. She is plump, independent, intelligent besides being a fun lover. Mrs Sethi’s only fault: Failure to open her British eyes when she looks at her daughter who is a very eligible girl.

Disillusioned with the families that rejected Roopi, Mrs Sethi begins killing them. Soon, she becomes the ‘Curry Killer’. However, her victims ghosts return to her as  they can’t go ‘home’ until Mrs Sethi kills herself. But, she is ready take her own life only after finding a dark, handsome man for Roopi. So, instead of tormenting her further, the ghosts help her. Now, their biggest challenge is to handle the prospective husband for Roopi. We cannot help but give credit to the black humour that is painstakingly being projected in the film, yet how can one fill the stomach when there’s little meat?

The effort of the entire cast especially that of Azmi, is all in vain. It’s high time Chadha realises that Indian audiences are now smart enough to skip bad films even if it is about them.

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