Tremors: Scientists allay villagers' fear

Tremors: Scientists allay villagers' fear

Scientists Prakash, Panduranga, Ramesh Digbala and others studied the information collected in the seismometer and held discussions with Bijapur’s local geologists Srinavas Reddy, Prof Avati and Dr Modi.  

Later, addressing the villagers Dr Prakash and Panduranga said, “The intensity of the tremors occurring in these parts is slowly coming down. Earlier the tremor was 3.1 on the Richter scale and now it has come down to 1.8. Hence the people need not have any anxiety. Don’t heed to rumours.”

Nobody can tell when an earthquake will occur. The whole of South India is considered to be earth quake-free zone. This is because the rocks in these area are solid. Even then why there are tremors in these areas, is what the study is all about, said Dr Prakash.

Tectonic shift

Whenever there is a movement in the earth’s crest there is a tectonics shift and then the tremors occur. Since such mild tremors keep occurring, there will not be a big earthquake, the scientist said.

Sesimograph’s have been used in 12 places in the State and it is now installed in Malghana and Kalgurki also. This will record the earth quakes not only in the State but also in the country and in the world, he said.

Hyderabad team to visit Malghana

A seismological team from Hyderabad’s National Geological Research Centre will visit Malghana, Talevada and Basavanahatti villages in Basavnabagevadi taluk on Saturday to study the tremors. 

The team is visiting these places after Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa wrote to the National Disaster Management committee to do more studies.  The scientists who will arrive from Kolhapur and New Delhi will work with the other experts already studying the quakes, said Dr Prakash.