Music reviews

Music reviews

Blending sounds & cultures

It is a kind of band which is best heard live. This six-member band comprising Sharat Chandra Srivatsava (violin/vocals), Gyan Singh (tabla, dholak, mridangam, vocals), Indraneel Hariharan (bass guitar, vocals), Sachin Kapoor (keyboard, vocals), Rajat Kakkar (Drums, percussions) and Karan Sharma (guitars). Together they have fused blues, funk, folk, Latin, rock and jazz with Indian classical music.

The opening track ‘Ganga’ is based on raga Jog with a catchy violin riff and a solo instrumental virtuosity by each member of the band as a sought of intro as to what to expect ahead. The violin is a dominant instrument in most of the songs and “swings” the other instruments along with it.

In ‘Ali’ the poetry of the legendary 13th century Sufi poet Amir Khusrau comes alive to the electric jazz-rock fusion of the 1970s featuring guest Sufi vocalist Gulaam Qadar. ‘Procession’ is a song said to be composed as a result of the Godhra communal riots in Gujarat. It has a meditative quality to its music and is a prayer from peace fusing chants from the Rig-Veda with a muezzin’s azaan.

‘Mitwa’ which in Hindi means ‘beloved’ is a love story in the ‘viraha rasa’ or the emotion of anguished lovers. ‘Pahari Funk’ is a composition based on the raag Pahari (which means ‘from the mountains’). It layers funk with folk melody of the mountains. ‘Travelling Through the Scottish Moors’ is a soulful melody with Celtic fiddles and Scottish bagpipes fused with Indian music. ‘Deccan’ is a composition which combines raag Yaman with the band’s genre-fusing technique. The final track ‘Rock the raag’ is a very upbeat rock instrumental based on raag Khamaj, with searing guitar, violin and keyboard solos.

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