Semesters in Class 9, 10 may be scrapped

Semesters in Class 9, 10 may be scrapped

Positive response to new SSLC exam pattern behind the move

Semesters in Class 9, 10 may be scrapped

Vishveshwar Hegde Kageri

The positive response for the new pattern for SSLC has driven the government to take a relook at the semester system. However, it may not happen soon.

“I have received very good response from parents and teachers for the introduction of new examination pattern. The new pattern has sufficient scope to enhance students’ descriptive and analytical skills,” Minister for Primary and Secondary Education Vishveshwar Hegde Kageri told Deccan Herald.

“The students will struggle cope up with the new system once they enter the Class X as they have semester system for Class VIII and IX. The sudden change in the system will have impact on the results in SSLC. Hence, it’s good if the semester system is abolished. The abolition will also increase overall pass percentage of SSLC,” the minister said.

A decision, however will be based on a public debate on the issue among teachers, parents and educationists, Kageri stressed. The Minister did not view the dip in the SSLC results this year as a setback.

“In fact, students would struggle at the PUC level earlier to answer descriptive questions. The PU college lecturers and parents attributed the students’ struggle to multiple choice question paper pattern at the SSLC. It takes some time to adjust,” he reasoned.

The minister rationalised thus: Students study in different systems from Class I to Class IX. It will have an impact on their performance in Class X. They will have to study in different systems once they go for higher education. The reaction is felt at every new system. Certain flaws are seen in the semester system from Class I to Class IX which need to be addressed immediately.

Regarding the ‘fear factor’ in answering descriptive type questions, Kageri said: “The issue can be addressed collectively. Parents, teachers, educationists and councillors should sit together and discuss what best they can to eliminate the fear factor among students. You can’t have system which can’t enhance quality of education just because there is fear factor.”

The government introduced the new system with the objective of enhancing the quality of education. The new system has gone well with the parents and teachers. There is no question of changing it. It will be a permanent feature, the minister clarified.