'Awareness can help dejected students'

'Awareness can help dejected students'

According to NIMHANS data, normally more girls rather than boys attempt suicides that are usually the result of lack of familial support, social networking and adverse comparison.
Dr C R Chandrashekhar of the NIMHANS points out that students can convert failure into success.

“It is not the end of the road if one has not been able to perform. Parents and teachers must form the line of support for students in stress and help them develop positive thinking. Ridiculing him/her does not help. Besides, parents should not allow wards who have performed badly to remain alone for prolonged periods of time,” he says.

Chandrashekhar’s views are shared by Belgaum-based Manohar School for the Blind principal Vyjayanthi Chougale who said that “parents should help their children overcome failures”.

In one case a Malleswaram-based girl, whose 74 per cent marks in the SSLC exam was far below her expectation, was ably supported by her parents and friends.

“She locked herself up in her room and refused to come out. All our efforts to pacify her went in vain. After waiting for almost seven hours outside, we decided to take the help of one of her close friends who coaxed and cajoled her into leaving the room,” girl’s father Raghu said.