'Wrong room' fails this SSLC student

'Wrong room' fails this SSLC student

A student of Al Ameen Public School in the City, Manjunath, had to write the exam at United Mission High School, the exam centre.

On the very first day of exam, Manjunath by mistake sat at place which had the last three numbers similar to that of his registration number, in a ‘wrong classroom’

"I agree, it was my mistake to have not checked the entire registration number, but I did mention my registration number correctly on the answer sheet and also informed the invigilator and the Principal of United Mission School about me sitting in the wrong place,” said Manjunath.

He added that the invigilator and the principal assured him not to worry as he had mentioned the correct registration number on the answer sheet. Despite the invigilator’s signature on the admission ticket, Manjunath was declared 'absent' and failed in the exam.  

Speaking to Deccan Herald, S Vani, principal of United Mission School said she did remember meeting Manjunath the following day. "I remember meeting this student who said he had mentioned his correct registration number on the answer sheet. Ideally, evaluators must consider the registration number rather than the attendance at the centre to award marks. But I do not know what has happened in his case," she said.Manjunath had sent a letter to senior assistant director M Rathnamma to correct his result.

Later, one of Manjunath's teachers, who was helping him get his result, received a call from an official from Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board saying that Manjunath had passed in his English paper. However, the marks were not revealed as he was asked to collect the marks card on Monday.