Pets to get a break with home rules

Pets to get a break with home rules

Curbing cruelty

Pets to get a break with home rules

Licensed to leash. DH photo

The Union Ministry of Environment and Forests has prepared a draft Pet Shop rules which, among other things, stipulates that a pet owner must obtain a licence from the local municipality.

And if the person has multiple pets, he/she will have to obtain different licences for the animals.

According to the new regulations, every individual who buys a pet from a store will have to obtain a licence from the local municipality (or local body) within 15 days of the purchase. The pet shop can facilitate the licensing process in exchange for a fee. All licences will have to be renewed every 12 months and if the pet owners fails to do so, the licence will automatically terminate on March 31 every year, according to the draft rules which have been framed under the Prevention of Cruelty to the Animal Act, 1960.

Reporting death
Owners will have to report the death of their companions to the authorities along with a certificate from a veterinarian, specifying the cause of death. In case of death, the licence will be cancelled automatically.

Animal Welfare Board inspectors will visit the buyer’s household to check on the pets’ well-being which include food, feeding schedule, exercise regime, the space allocated for the animal to sleep and mating arrangements.

If the pets give birth to off-springs, those would also have to be reported to the municipality, according to the rules, which will come into effect once it is notified in the official gazette after taking into accountpublic opinion. For pet stores, the rules are strict and specific. They lay down the specifications of the enclosures for cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs.

To obtain a pet shop licence, applications have to submitted to the local body with a copy to the Animal Welfare Board. Pet shop owners have to be more than 18 years.

While the licence fee for a pet shop owner is Rs 5,000, they have to pay Rs 2,000 every year for renewing the licence.

The rules not only emphasise maintaining clean and spacious living conditions for the pet animals but also specify the feeding and exercise routines and the animals’ well-being.
Many laws have been invoked to cover the pet shops to ensure that animals are not subjected to any cruelty.

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