Lush gardens remind Sunanda of Kashmir

Lush gardens remind Sunanda of Kashmir

Blooms beckon

Lush gardens remind Sunanda of Kashmir

The news is out – Shashi Tharoor and Sunanda Pushkar will be getting engaged at the Golden Palms, actor Sanjay Khan’s luxury resort in the City.

Apparently Sunanda and Tharoor fell in love with the luxurious spa when they
visited it last month. “She used to go for long walks around the resort and fell in love with the acres of lush gardens which reminded her of Kashmir. The tastefully positioned lagoons and waterfalls and the restful feeling of being away from the hectic pace of the City convinced them that it was a perfect setting for their engagement which will take place in June.” says a source at the resort.

 “As the guest list will be quite extensive with celebrities expected from around the world, Golden Palms is one of the few luxury resorts in the country that can gear itself up for the amount of security and privacy required for a high profile event like this.

We also have a helipad which will be put to good use during the event so guests
can come and go discreetly,” the source added.

Apparently, Sunanda was especially impressed with the cuisine at the North Indian speciality restaurant Badshah, which has a wide Tandoori repertoire and also includes Kashmiri dishes which she is very fond of.

“Shashi Tharoor also liked the concept of the Golden Village which is adjacent to the resort and has a specially created ambience of palm tress and rustic thatched cottages redolent of his home state of Kerala. Since we were able to accommodate both their tastes, they felt it was the best venue for their celebration,” added the source.

Apparently, the 135-metre swimming pool can accommodate over 2,000 guests quite comfortably around it and this added to the appeal of the place.

“Sunanda also spent time visiting  the spa during her stay and was pleased that the guests did not have to leave the property during their stay as all their needs could be catered to,” informed the source.

“The couple has booked the resort but has not yet finalised the menu or the finer details of the event yet,” the source added.