Child sale racket smashed, three kids rescued

Child sale racket smashed, three kids rescued

According to the police, three young girls meant for sale were rescued from the four persons who were apprehended following a raid at village Sodavas and village Girvas in Alwar district of Rajasthan.

The accused have been identified as Bina, Mangal, Ashok and Shyam Lal, all residents from Rajasthan, a senior police official said.

During interrogation, Bina told the police that she had bought a five-year-old girl, one of those rescued, from main accused Radha (name changed) through Shyam Lal for Rs 45,000. Police said the girl child was kidnapped from Sultan Puri in Delhi in July last year.

Radha is absconding. Another eight-year-old girl child was rescued from the possession of Mangal who had bought her from the same woman through Shyamlal and paid Rs 40,000.

Talking about their modus operandi, police said Radha used to work as an assistant with a contractor supplying food in primary schools and get friendly with victims' families.
"Subsequently, she used to kidnap girls taking advantage of her acquaintance with them and then sell them to prospective buyers in the villages in Alwar," the police official said.

"All the rescued children have been sent to a child welfare home and will be handed over to their parents," he said.