Water-level at Kootuhole goes up

Water-level at Kootuhole goes up

No water crisis for next 15 days

Water-level at Kootuhole goes up

A view of Kootuhole, the source of drinking water to Madikeri town. DH Photo

 With this, the CMC can supply water for the next 15 days on alternative days without any hitch.

The CMC had expected that the Kootuhole will dry if there was no rain in the first week of May. It had made all preparations to supply water through tankers.

Fortunately, Madikeri and its surrounding areas received heavy rainfall. Accordingly, the water-level increased in Kootuhole. Even last year, owing to pre monsoon showers, the citizens did not face severe water woes.

Madikeri has 35,000 population and is considered as one of the hot tourists spot. With the large number of tourists thronging the district, CMC has to supply water keeping in mind the population as 45,000 to 50,000.

Many feel that the removal of silt from Kootuhole will solve water shortage problem. Though the CMC had earmarked Rs 35 lakh for desilting, the work could not be undertaken owing to various reasons. In the meantime, the Government had sanctioned Kundamestri scheme.

Unfortunately, the project did not take off. The estimate of Kundamestri project has been revised to Rs 23 crore. In the first phase, it was decided to undertake the proposed project work at an estimated cost of Rs 7 crore and the contract was handed over to a company from Hyderabad. Even after laying foundation stone for the project, the work did not take off.

Now the CMC has to implement the ambitious Kundamestri project to ease the water woes of the district.