Need to study Anakru's literary works

Need to study Anakru's literary works

He was addressing a gathering after receiving Anakru-Nirman award presented by Anakru Foundation.

A N Krishna Rao, who was popularly known as Anakru, was active in progressive literary movements. He faced stiff criticism from a section of literary circle when he deviated from the movements. Even writers associated with Navya literary movement also neglected him, Bhyrappa said.

Anakru did not bother about what happened in the literary circles. He concentrated on preserving Indian culture through his writings. He was more progressive than the progressive movement itself. Hence, it was high time a comprehensive study of his works and life was carried out, he said.

The credit for revising the Kannada prose should go to Anakru. At a time when Tamil and Telugu songs were ruling Old Mysore region, Anakru spread Kannada flavour through his writings. He encouraged several budding writers of his age to write. Therefore, no one should neglect his literary contribution, Bhyrappa suggested.

Former Supreme Court chief justice MN Venkatachala said Anakru analysed philosophy through his literary works.

Writer Shatavadhani Ganesh termed Bhyrappa as the essence of the whole Indian literature. Bhyrappa carried out vast research and study before writing any work of art. He presented conflicts of life in an artistic way and intended to discover the ultimate truth of human of life in his works, he added. riter Prof G Venkatasubbaiah and Jayanagar MLA BN Vijay Kumar were present.

Bhyrappa returned Rs one lakh cash award to the Foundation to use the it for penning Anakru’s biography.