Forms not needed for B1 services

Forms not needed for B1 services

The Directorate of Electronic Delivery Of Citizen Services (EDCS) said on Sunday that students can simply go to any BangaloreOne centre with their registration number and avail the services.

A statement from EDCS said: “The students need not submit any forms for availing services such as  re-totalling or re-valuation or request for photocopy. All that they need to do is to select the service and subjects to which they want to apply and provide their registration number to the B1 operator.”

The statement said that the role of BangaloreOne operator was to provide the details made available by the PU Board. It also said that students need to pay the prescribed fee only after they agreed to the data provided by the operator.

“If the student agrees to the data provided, he/she needs to pay the prescribed fee to B1 operator,” the statement read. EDCS also washed its hands off any delay in dispatching photocopies and said that the responsibility of sending copies of answer scripts was that of the Pre-University Education department.

Both parents and students had complained about confusion prevailing at the Pre-University Department on Saturday when they approached officials for details on revaluation, retotalling and photocopies.