'IPL controversy is unfortunate'

'IPL controversy is unfortunate'


'IPL controversy is unfortunate'

Leander Paes wears his celebrity status with utmost caution. He lets his racquet do the talking. He steers clear of controversies, is guarded and will not say a word or a sentence that may lead to a row.

In the City recently, Paes spoke about his spirituality, the upcoming Indian Tennis League and his dream to set up an academy to train young tennis aspirants.

Leander is a devoted follower of the Art of Living, thanks to his wife. “My spirituality is very personal to me. It’s not for any exhibitionism,” he says. Leander doesn’t miss his yoga, Sudharshan Kriya and his workouts. “All of this boosts my stamina and in turn influences my career. I am able to focus better and this has become an inseparable part of my routine,” he says and adds, “a good amount of oxygen supply ensures stable health.”

Terming the IPL controversy as “unfortunate”, Leander says IPL is a good launch pad for ambitious, young aspiring cricketers. “Most of the young boys who played for the Ranji Trophy were a part of IPL, and playing alongside established players is the best lesson ever,” he says.

 Leander is looking for the Indian Tennis League (ITL) which will be launched in December, “I am waiting for the ITL. I don’t know what my role in it is as yet but it’s going to be on the lines of IPL,” he says.

Leander too has started endorsing for brands and doesn’t see why he shouldn’t. Asked if he had plans to train the younger breed of tennis players, he revealed, ‘I would like to set up a tennis training academy soon. Yes, if there’s ambition and talent then I don’t see why the young can’t succeed.”

That this tennis star will soon hit the silver screen may sound odd but Leander says that he has always loved movies. Leander says he grew up on a diet of Amitabh Bachchan films like Sholay and Coolie. “Talks are on but nothing has been finalised as yet,’ he says.
Mention Bangalore and Leander just can’t stop raving about the City, “I come here as often as I can. I have a close-knit friends who I meet whenever I can,” he signs off.