Helipad turns threshing ground

Helipad turns threshing ground

Many in Haveri are even oblivious of the existence of the helipad which is built with Rs 10 lakh sanctioned by the state government. However, construction of a full-fledged helipad requires Rs 25 lakh and needs a minimum of four acres of land, officials concerned said.

Due to the non-availability of land, a mere two acres was provided for the construction of the helipad. Moreover, a greater part of the amount sanctioned was spent on preparing the land. The helipad was constructed with the remaining amount on a 90 cubic metres of land, the official added.

The helipad has been rendered dysfunctional due to lack of infrastructure like water, electricity and others. In order to make the helipad functional, a grant of Rs 25 lakh from the State government is required, said Public Works Department Assistant Engineer Shekarappa. A proposal had been sent to the State government seeking the grant 10 months ago, but a response was yet to be received, he added.

Construction of a helipad involves much technical expertise, and if one goes by the specifications for a helipad, the one that is supposed to be located here, is not even one. It is just a cemented circle.

A standard helipad involves a footprint of about 600 sq metres, excavated to a depth of about a foot and half, with granular material laid up to a depth of eight inches as a sub-base, concrete cast with steel mesh laid to the depth of eight inches for surface and paint touchdown markings to guide helicopter landing. The “helipad’ has none of it. Perhaps it is just a ground to winnow grain.