Kangna has only a guest appearance in 'Kites'

Kangna has only a guest appearance in 'Kites'

Kangna has only a guest appearance in 'Kites'

During last year and a half, while it was a known fact that Barbara Mori was the leading lady of this Hrithik Roshan starrer, it was widely believed that Ranuat would have a substantial role to play in 'Kites', both from duration as well as content perspective.

But Basu, who has previously directed the actress in 'Gangster' and 'Life In A Metro' said that he took Ranaut in the film because he considers her a lucky mascot.

"Let's not make a big deal about all of this. When I first spoke to Kangna about 'Kites', she didn't even want to know what she was supposed to do the film," Basu told PTI.
The director, who spent almost three years of his personal and professional life into making 'Kites' a reality also rubbished rumours that the actress was sidelined.
"Kangna is not unhappy with her role. She knew that her role was small but she still wanted to do it because of our love and friendship," Basu said.

In fact the makers are not even intending to hide Kangna's role in 'Kites'. Even in the title rolls of the film, she would be billed as 'Special Appearance'.

"Kangna is like my lucky mascot and I like her to be a part of my films. I feel that she adds something to my story telling when she is there. This is why I am glad that she is a part of 'Kites'. Even though it is a special appearance, no one is complaining," said Basu.
Since the entire promotion campaign and marketing of the film over last one year had been centred on Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori, Kangna can be expected to have gone through some heart burn.

"If she would have been in the promos, it would have sent out wrong signals to audience. Think about it, how would have audience reacted had they found later while watching the film that she was mainly doing a special appearance.
"She is a known actress and her featuring prominently with Hrithik and Barbara would have made 'Kites' look like a love triangle. The fact though is that the film is not a love triangle," Basu said.

For someone who has enjoyed author backed roles in films like 'Gangster', 'Woh Lamhe', 'Fashion' and 'Raaz -The Mystery Continues', it would only have been a little difficult for Kangna to defend her relatively smaller role in 'Kites' but Basu says he wanted to be true to the story.

"We wanted to be true to the film and story rather than capitalise on known faces. I guess this should now set the records straight. We know what we are doing," Basu said.
'Kites' will release on May 21.