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Your favourite detective is back to amuse you with his unusual detective skills, his eye for detail, his trademark phobias et al! Star World presents the eighth season of Monk starting every Monday to Thursday at 11pm.

 Adrian Monk (Emmy-winner Tony Shalhoub) is a highly gifted detective whose career has been jeopardised by his overwhelming fear of germs, crowds, small places, and almost everything else. Monk's disorder was triggered by the murder of his beloved wife, Trudy.

Ordered to take a leave of absence from the police department, Monk hires a nurse (Bitty Schram — A League of Their Own) who helps him try to get reinstated in the force, and in the process, becomes an unlikely Dr Watson to his Sherlock Holmes. Ted Levine plays Captain Stottlemeyer, “Monk’s former Captain – a highly decorated detective who will never be as good as the illustrious Monk”… and it drives him crazy.

When the police department find themselves unable to crack a high-profile case, they have no choice but to bring back the only man for the job...phobias and all. Monk is a perfect blend of Crime, Mystery, Drama, Detective Instincts and Comedy.

Natural beauty at its best 

This week on Natural World, visit the spectacular Victoria Falls. The Victoria Falls is one of the most impressive sites on Earth. As the Zambezi River falls 108 metres into a series of gorges, the force of the water sends spray half a mile into the air. This is the story of the inhabitants of the tranquil river above, the rocky gorge below and the stream of water in between that unite the two worlds.

Watch Natural World on Animal Planet on May 12 between 10 pm and 11 pm.

Of discovery and more

Travel and Living channel brings La Ink, the story discovering the ups and downs in the lives of Kat's team of artists. In this episode Kat decides to get a tattoo done of Johnette, one of her music idols after experiencing his concert.

Will Kat get her tattoo done by Dan, who is nervous to do it? Will Kat make a final decision to fire Aubry from La Ink, who is setting up a showdown for Kat by teaming up with former shop employees? Join Kat to flavour the ups and down of her teammates.

Catch the exciting series on May 12 between 10 pm and 11 pm.

Meeting increasing demands

Mega Builders brings out world's engineers and planners coming up with new ways to solve the increasing demands of life. There are many amazing engineering projects taking place globally. Watch the most ambitious land reclamation project in history, 3.5 billion dollars worth, in this exciting episode.

The Palm consists of the world's two largest man-made islands. The world's biggest dredgers, and about 80 million cubic meters of sand and rock required for this project.

Tune into Mega Builders: Fantasy Islands on Discovery on May 12 between 10 pm and 11 pm to know how this mega structure turns out to be.

A thrilling adventure

Dr John Keyes makes the startling discovery that the Earth's inner core has stopped rotating, leading to the deterioration of electromagnetic forces. If the planet is to be saved, the core of the Earth needs a jump start, so an elite team is assembled to burrow to the centre of the planet and bomb the insides back into action.

Joining Keyes on this dangerous, last-chance mission are the brilliant but arrogant Conrad Zimsky, French arms expert, Serge Leveque, maverick researcher, Brazz Brazzleton, geeky computer genius, Rat, and two no-nonsense military types, Commander Robert Iverson and Major Rebecca Childs.

However, as the crew digs deeper into the Earth, they discover what they haven't been told about their mission, and what's really been causing the worldwide chaos.

Starring Hilary Swank, Aaron Eckhart, Delroy Lindo, Stanley Tucci, catch The Core on HBO on May 12 at 9 pm.

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