Emerging from the shadows

Emerging from the shadows

Magical effect

Emerging from the shadows

The team presented the puppet play, Ayyappa Charitam, in shadow technique, which received great response from the audience.

The venue was almost full with an enthusiastic audience, especially kids, who were eager to open themselves to a new world.

The show, which was in Tamil, was on the life of Lord Ayyappa, who is believed to be born out of the union of Mohini (Vishnu) and Shiva. With ample entertaining factors — music and dance — the play narrated the story of Ayyappa from his birth.

The shadow puppet show was conducted on a white cloth, tied between two poles.The play, in combination with light and a white screen, created magical effects.

The entertaining tale began with the fearsome Mahishi’s meditation to receive the boon of ruling the universe. She is told by Brahma that she would have death only by the hands of Shiva and Vishnu’s offspring.

The shadow puppet performance, with its colourful characters, had a good effect on the spectators. The bewitching dance of Mohini to trap Bhasmasura got a huge round of applause from the audience.

The adventurous acts of Lord Ayyappa and the various events in his life were effectively brought forth.

When his mother suffered from unbearable pain in the stomach and was prescribed the ‘milk of a tigress’ as a cure, child Ayyappa rushed to the forest in search of tigress’ milk. He succeeds in his task and kills the evil Mahishi.

“It was a visual treat for urban people like us who don’t know much about these kinds of folk forms. If the content and presentation are beautifully wrapped together, language never becomes a hurdle,’’ said Harish, a theatre enthusiast.