CAT at nursery level on cards

There is a temporary lull on the issue of medium of instruction, as the Supreme Court has adjourned the hearing of the matter after the vacation ends on July 5.

Schools involved in the fight have gone ahead and are admitting children for English medium, while the Government is sticking to its stand on the issue. What the school managements are now looking out keenly is the course of action by the Government, in the eventuality that management might win the case. Going by the Minister for Primary and Secondary Education Vishweswara Hegde Kageri’s statements, it could well begin with the Common Admission Test for kindergarten level.

The idea apparently mooted by the Minister himself, is still in its infancy, but the salient features are the creation of school zones and assessment for admission at the kindergarten level. No clear details emerge about how the Department is attempting to design seat sharing and have promptly delegated the job to a yet-to-be-formed independent body.

Officials say that they have considered the idea in lieu of complaints received on exorbitant capitation fees charged by private schools, but that might not be the case entirely.
School managements believe that this may be an excuse to bring the independent kindergarten schools as well as the those attached to private management schools under government control. If such a system, indeed comes into place, the Government is likely to  be in a position to dictate terms to the schools.

CBSE and ICSE schools, which have mushroomed thanks to the present Government policy on the medium of instruction, is still outside the purview of the Government. Complaints from parents about these schools find no takers in the education department, as they are outside the purview.

 A lot depends on the outcome in the Supreme Court next month, when the Special Leave Petition filed by the Karnataka Government comes up for hearing. Advocate for the defendant KUSMA, Dhananjay is confident that the case will be decided in their favour.

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