Experiment with new technique of paddy cultivation

Experiment with new technique of paddy cultivation

  The aim is to get more yield using this technique against conventional methods of cultivation.

Under this technique, 12 days old paddy crops are planted maintaining a distance of 25 cm between one sapling to another. Since both oxygen and sun light are available for the saplings in abundance due to the distance maintained between the saplings, the yield will be more. This will also help in controlling the disease, says progressive farmer S B Anandappa.

While 30 to 40 kgs of seeds are required under conventional method for an acre for sowing, Sri technique takes only 4 kgs of seeds.

“Sri technique is a boon to farmers because it gives maximum yield with minimum seeds,” Anandappa says.

Sri Kshethra Dharmasthala Rural Development Project Taluk Agriculture Officer Chidananda says that Sri technique is a challenge for modern methods of cultivation. “It requires less seeds and less water. The technique is suitable for both areas with adequate irrigation and also the areas with little water.

The technique has been implemented on experimental basis by 230 families and there are plans to expand the same to 350 families in the region.