Awaken your sensitivity

Awaken your sensitivity

The problem with the modern man  is that he has become completely cerebral. His intellect has taken possession of  him; whether it is feeling, or sensing, or being, he thinks that he feels or senses or is. This is why a simple thing like meditation has become so difficult.

People don't know how to get away from the rational mind. There are many methods in Tantra that suggest simple techniques of getting away from the mind and coming down to the body or the senses.

Osho suggests many techniques that will help you get out of the mind bogged down by its own chattering. These techniques are so simple that they may not fit into the traditional concept of meditation. But the results are astounding.

If you have a small child in your house, follow the child around for one hour every day. It will be better and more fulfiling than following a guru.

If the child is moving on all fours, you also move on all fours. You will feel for the first time a new life energy coming to you.

You will again become a child. He will go to every corner, he will touch everything - not only touch, he will taste everything, he will smell everything. Just follow, and do whatsoever he is doing. The child is feeling. He is not intellectualising, he is not thinking. He feels a smell, so he moves to that corner from where it is coming. He sees an apple,  he tastes it. Just taste like a child. This will be so enriching, your defense mechanisms will drop, your armor will drop, and you will start looking at the world  from the dimension of feeling.

When you go to sleep just feel your bed, feel the pillow - the coldness. Just turn onto it; play with the pillow. Close your eyes and listen to the noise of the air conditioner, or of the traffic or of the clock or anything. Just listen. Don't label, don't say anything.
In the morning, in the first moment of waking up, don't start thinking. For a few moments   be as innocent as a child. Don't think about your office or work or catching the train.

For a few moments just listen to the sounds. A bird is singing or the wind is passing through the trees or a child is crying or the milkman has come and the milk is being poured. With anything that happens, feel it. Be sensitive to it, open to it. 

You can expand the dimension of feeling in whatever you do throughout the day; whether taking shower, walking, looking, or breathing . Soon you will be more alive, more sensitive.