My toughest match: Anand

My toughest match: Anand


My toughest match: Anand

“It is certainly the toughest match I have ever played. I can’t recall another experience like this,” Anand said.

“In the morning when I woke up, we had no idea who was going to win because even in the closest match it wasn’t like one player was dominating and therefore I knew it was going to come down to the question of whose nerve held up and I am really relieved and glad that it was me,” he added.

Anand reckoned Topalov as one of his toughest opponents and said he was finding it difficult to adapt against the Bulgarian. “Since morning I wasn’t thinking about any record. I was thinking just about staying alive. It was a bit difficult to adapt. Defintely, he is an incredibly tough opponent. Honestly, I had no idea how it was going to shape up,” he said.
Anand’s wife Aruna said it was a special challenge considering what they went through in the last weeks.

“We feel extremely happy to win in such style. It was nice. It was a very tough match as it went back and forth and also getting there was difficult with this volcanic ash problem. He also had some miscommunication with the organisers. But finally it all turned out well.”
Anand’s mother Sushila was happy with his son’s achievement. “I want him to continue to be a nice man. Anybody can be good in games but I want him to be a nice person also,” she said.

Anand fact file

* 1983: National sub-junior champion at 14.
* 1984: International Master at 15.
* 1985: National champion at 16
* 1987: World junior champion, Grandmaster
* 2000: Fide World Champion
* 2003: World Rapid Champion
* 2007: World Champion in tournament format beating Vladimir Kramnik
* 2008: World Champion in match format, beating Kramnik.
* 2010: World Champion again, beating Veselin Topalov.
* Anand has won many awards and honours, including Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna, Arjuna award and Padma Shri besides winning the Chess Oscar six times.