First Hospital for 'sleep disorder' treatment to come in Thane

First Hospital for 'sleep disorder' treatment to come in Thane

The 28-bedded hospital is set up by a former student of the A K Joshi English school, here, who after his study in medicine went to US for a 10-year period only to return to Thane to give back something to the city in the form of the first hospital for sleep disorders, which is a rare treatment in the country these days.

The proud father Dr Ulhas Vaidya, practicing in Thane for the last 30 years of the young doctor Dr Hrishikesh said that he was proud of his son who was keen on returning to set up a hospital here for the sake of the city and serve the citizens.

Addressing a news conference here today the father-son duo said that the hospital which was unique in some way or the other will be inaugurated by Dr Anil Kakodkar.
They said that the hospital will basically treat emergency patients and take care of the Golden hour and save the patients from further misery.

Dr Hrishikesh told the media that off late the cases of sleep disorder was on the rise in the country, this is common in foreign countries, and this needs a specialized treatment which would be provided by the new set up known as 'Horizon'.

Nearly 5 to 7 percent of the countries population especially males suffer from this disease, he said, adding that the main contributing factor to this suffering was mostly obesity.
Dr Hrishikesh, who is the medical director of the hospital is a qualified intesivist and has done fellowship in critical care at Little Rock, Arkansas and has worked as consultant intesivist in Hey’s Medical Centre, Kansas. He has also done his fellowship in pulmonary and sleep medicine.

He further said that the hospital will have three-fold facility in the Institute for Critical care and Emergencies, Breathing Disorder Center and Institute for Sleep Disorders.