Talking out aloud to one's self

Talking out aloud to one's self

The mind is a powerful organ. Use it – or lose it. This is a very apt and appropriate quotation by Robin Sharma, author of the best selling book, “The Monk who sold his Ferrari”. In the context of the mind, one of the most powerful tools one can have is autosuggestion.

As everyone knows, prayer is a conversation with God where one talks to God thanking him, asking him to forgive one’s trespasses and asking him to help one to become strong and ethical. While this prayer is addressed to a God, there is also a conversation one can have with one’s self where one articulates one’s plans, goals and objectives for life. The difference between prayer and this is that in the latter, one is not necessarily addressing God. One is merely using this form of autosuggestion to psyche one’s self up in order for one to meet one’s goals and objectives in life. Any kind of communication that endorses ethical living is appreciable and well worth the time and effort spent on it.

Interestingly, there are many motivational speakers who endorse their followers with the principles of autosuggestion. Recently, I read a book, “The Power of Talking out Loud to Yourself” by American best selling author Bill Wayne, who like motivational gurus worldwide, are endorsing methods average people can resort to, to become successful. Wayne uses his own acronym SCORE (Self Communication of Realistic Expectations). It is certainly not a new concept. However, the author does seek to explain novel ways people can use to make this autosuggestion yield successful results.

Wayne reiterates that the method of talking to one’s self can be done by psyching one’s self up to do well in an important examination or presentation, to get a better rapport with one’s spouse or boss or even to kick deadly habits, like smoking, drinking or excessive partying.

It is a simple technique of repeating loudly to one’s self what one wants to achieve in that particular day. However, though Wayne has reiterated that one should say it aloud in order for it to make an impact, one may find talking out aloud embarrassing if one is staying in a huge joint family. It could be done, when one is taking one’s early morning shower when one is alone.

Secondly, one can carry on autosuggestion by looking into the mirror with determination, citing one’s plans for the day. Thirdly, autosuggestion can be done on one’s way to work for, as one traverses verdant greenery, one will be at peace with one’s self with one’s mind articulating the thoughts that can lead one to having a more successful day and life.