Open Sesame writer's garden

Open Sesame writer's garden

Open Sesame writer's garden

Lost in the woods

I ran around in circles looking
White patches of light seeped
through the canopy
Tree branches ominously closing
in on me
No way to escape this  nightmare

A deafening roar pierced through
the night
Footsteps becoming louder and louder
Hopefully someone coming
to find me
My hopes shattered as I turned

I stood paralyzed looking at the
shaggy mane
The lion standing before me ready
to pounce
My biggest fears were coming true
I scanned my surroundings
for something sharp
Slowly picking up the biggest
branch in sight
I was about to strike when I let
out a big sigh

I was safe again within the four walls
of my bedroom
Covering myself with my blanket
I went back to sleep

Malini Srikrishna,
7th Grade, SKCH(CBSE)


Lollipop, lollipop
How cute you are?
Your colour itself attracts everyone.
And, your aroma enchants all.
Not to speak of your taste,
You make every mouth watery!
I love you,
I want to kiss youg
And also bite you
But, alas, my parents
Refuse to buy one for me,
They tell me,
“It decays your teeth fast”g
What to do?
I weep in silence
Let not this happen to
Good luck, lollipop!

Rajana Ranganath, VI Std.,
East-West School Armugam Circle,
BP Wadia Rd., Basavanagudi, B’lore-4

 Just one or two a penny

Head held high she walked down the street,
With a look of magnificence and pride,
Clenched gown and bundled hair,
And exotic royal stride.

Confronted by a beggar boy she was,
Tommy was his name,
Clothed in rags and naked feet,
But he was not to blame.

For Tommy as a little boy,
Was abandoned on the streets,
And ever since, begging his only job,
Till better days he meets.

With a scornful scowl and vain grunt,
Down she threw a penny,
Then with a proud laugh she threw another one,
For she had one too many.

Vainly she walked away from Tommy,
As her perfume around him still lingered,
And as for her vain actions,
Tommy was not angered.

For now with those few pennies,
A square meal he could buy,
From the restaurant around the corner,
And eat by the old public sty.

Or thought ragged Tommy,
As an idea flashed his mind,
And quickly he walked towards the gambling den,
Filled with others of his kind.

Then placing the coins by the roulette,
"Two pennies" said he,
And as the roulette began to spin,
His cheeks flushed with anxiety.

And as the roulette retarded,
And the ball ceased to move
He closed his eyes and prayed for luck,
For the ball to fall in his groove.

And as he slowly opened his eyes,
And the ball its position set,
He jumped with joy and clapped aloud,
As he had won the bet.

But little did Tom know,
That his luck had just begun,
And his bundle of money only increased,
Every time the roulette spun.

And Tommy did that happy night,
Leave with bags of cash,
And ever since that heavenly day,
His life has been a bash.

Now with spotless suits and shaven beard,
And a mansion high and tall,
At every rich mans party,
And with fair a lady at every dancing ball.

But till today with all his wealth,
And splendor and all that money,
He does not forget what started it all,
Just one or two a penny.   

Deepak V.S.
13 yrs VIII Std.
Clarence High School. 

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