'Implement Kannada in day to day work'

'Implement Kannada in day to day work'

Seven Jnanapeeta awards and classical status shows richness of Kannada

He was addressing a gathering after inaugurating the three-days’ training programme for government employees on ‘Administrative Kannada’ organised jointly by the Kannada and Culture Department, Kannada Development Authority, Hampi Kannada University and District Training Institution at the Institution premises here on Thursday.

Kannada language has a history of about 2,000 years. The Article 345 of the Indian Constitution provides opportunity for the development of Kannada language. Though the government had taken initiative to make Kannada compulsory in offices, lack of awareness among public makes implementation difficult, Ramesh said. The honours like seven ‘Jnanapeeta’ awards and classical tag stand  testimony to the richness of Kannada language and literature. Kannadigas should also instill the pride towards Kannada language, he added.

The State government had circulated about 1,011 circulars and 1,075 directives to implement Kannada as the official language in the State. Morever, Kannada Kavalu Samiti, Kannada Development Authority and Boarder Development Authority were also formed to make Kannada compulsory in administration. People should use Kannada compulsorily in their day to day life as well as in administration, Ramesh emphasised.

Institution In-Charge Principal Mahadevaiah presided. Kannada and Culture Department In-Charge Assistant Director Vinod Chandra, Official Manajuru Manjunath, former Deputy Director of Kannada and Culture Department Nagaraju and former District Treasurer Shivaiah were present.