Ranjitha may not appear before CID in City any time soon

Ranjitha may not appear before CID in City any time soon

In a recent missive to CID officers here, Ranjitha's lawyer, Sudha Ramalingam, has argued that her client will not appear before male sleuths even if the actress has been sent notices under Section 160 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) which authorises the police to seek her "attendance" since she is acquainted with facts of the case.

Rules quoted

Invoking Supreme Court case laws, Ramalingam pointed out to the CID that if her client does decide to cooperate she would do so only in the presence of a female officer.

What is, however, clear is that Ranjitha, who had earlier expressed her willingness to cooperate with the CID through a Delhi-based lawyer Prashant Mendiratta, now seems to have second thoughts to come to Bangalore anytime soon.


This step, CID officials here believe, appears to be at the behest of her lawyers who, they said, are "stonewalling" the actress's appearance before the sleuths.

When contacted over phone, Ramalingam refused to respond to any of Deccan Herald's questions, saying only that she was Ranjitha's lawyer.

Limited role

On the other hand, Mendiratta, through whom the CID had earlier issued appearance notices to Ranjitha, said his role was limited to filing cases against Google and Youtube where the sex video was uploaded.

But CID officials here believe that Ramalingam's letter to them was "intimidating" since its tone and tenor suggested "an effort is underway to buy time and that Ranjitha does not have to appear before the investigating officer" in Bangalore.