Jaipur man who sold liquor like milk held

Jaipur man who sold liquor like milk held

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Jaipur man who sold liquor like milk held

His customers could get whatever they wanted at less than the market price even after 8 pm, when there was a prohibition in place in the state on liquor sale. And they could pay him up the way they foot their milk bill, as a one-time installment at the end of the month.

The setting was perfect both for Lalvani and for the tipplers till Tuesday, when Jaipur police arrested the innovative bootlegger from Man Sarovar locality of the state capital. Police also recovered 10 cartons of liquor made in Haryana from his home.

Lalvani ran a grocery store, where some of his customers could drop their liquor order camouflaged as provisions list, police sources said.

He used to get liquor—whisky, gin and rum—illegally from Haryana at half the market price to supply on demand to his clients.

Home delivery
The customers could call him up on his mobile to place their order, which would be quickly home-delivered. He gave his customers the facility to make payment at the end of the month as they do for their milk supply.

Customer base
According to the police, Lalvani had a strong customer base.
The illicit liquor trade, ironically, thrived in the Shipra Path police station area, which was adjudged the best police station of the world a few years ago.

The police was, however, quick in taking action when some of the residents complained of the malpractice. Lalvani was arrested and presented before the court where he was sent to jail for 15 days.

So with the ‘liquorman’ behind bars, the milkman could perhaps hope for a boost in milk supply!