Another UP girl pays for love with her life

Another UP girl pays for love with her life

The family members of the girl, who were opposed to her affair with a boy, who was her neighbour in Allahabad’s Kydganj locality, allegedly beat her to death and later hanged her body to make it look like a suicide, on Wednesday.

The parents and two brothers of the girl have been arrested in this connection, the police said adding, it appears to be a case of honour killing.

Eighteen-year-old Rajani Sahu was mercilessly beaten  up and her body bore several marks of injury, the post-mortem report revealed.

Rajani’s parents, after hanging her body to the ceiling, went to the police and informed them that she had committed suicide. An alleged suicide note was also recovered by the police in which Rajani expressed her decision to end her life as she was unable to meet her beloved.

“The suicide note was aimed at misleading the investigators,” police said adding that initially they were taken in by the family’s version but the postmortem report left room for suspicion.

“Rajani’s body bore multiple injury marks.... she was beaten mercilessly,” the officials said. “She was killed after she refused to marry someone other than her lover.”