Don't depend too much on US while dealing with Pak: BJP tells RS

"Don't run to Mummy (the US) all the time. Pakistan is not dependent on the US, rather it is the other way round as America wants an honourable exit from the war it started in the region against terrorism and for this it needs Pakistan's support," BJP member Arun Shourie said in Rajya Sabha.

The situation post-Mumbai terror attacks, he said, was "treacherous and far more complex. Therefore greater effort on part of the government is required".
Shourie, who was participating in the debate on the Motion of Thanks on the President's Address, cautioned the government not to get involved in sending evidence about Mumbai attacks to Pakistan as "this will put it in a position of being a judge".
Shourie said that the country needs to understand the objectives of US in the region and its compulsions. "Look at the nature of the Pakistani state. Has it changed? Look at the objectives of the US in the region and its compulsions. This will give a realistic view," he said.

The BJP member, who addressed Prime Minister Manmohan Singh -- who was present in the House -- on several occasions, also referred to developments within the US government where questions were being raised about giving financial aid to Pakistan even though that nation was strengthening its nuclear infrastructure.

Shourie, while quoting reports about the Prime Minister's meeting with US President Barack Obama on the sidelines of the recently held G-20 Summit in London, said that this too apparently centred around on how India can tone down the kind of reaction that emerged within the country after 26/11.
The Rajya Sabha member added that while the US is trying to restrain India from taking any aggressive stand against Pakistan, there is also a lot of pressure from Washington on New Delhi to keep peace with the neighbouring country.
At the same time, Pakistan is yet to dismantle its terror infrastructure in its Punjab region and PoK, he said.
India, Shourie said, would be under pressure in the near future to sign a slew of treaties and agreements like nuclear non-proliferation treaty, the CTBT and the additional protocol of IAEA.

Focussing on the defence scenario, Shourie lamented that the country has taken a lot of time in developing the defence system. "On development of defence system, we have not progressed as required. It is not the fault of any individual but these decisions are delayed," he said.

Addressing Defence Minister A K Antony, who was present in the House, Shourie said that many projects have been delayed and these should be completed fast.
Referring to the shortage of around 5,000 officials in the armed forces and to the controversy over 'one rank-one pension' issue, Shourie said "the government should expand its terms of reference on these requirements".

Shourie also said the National Strategy Paper on defence is also lying in cold storage since January 2007 and expressed hope that the Defence Minister will deal with the issue.
Expressing frustration over these delays in the defence sector, he said while India's neighbours get strengthened in arms and intelligence, the country "remains paralysed" against all this. He also came down heavily on "too many commissions" which he said mar the progress of infrastructure projects.
The BJP member sought the Prime Minister's "vast expertise" to improve the progress of infrastructure projects.
Criticising government's plans to start disinvestment of various PSUs while keeping 51 per cent stake in them with it, Shourie said that this was "the worst form of disinvestment as this will promote fiscal mismanagement".
He also requested the government to consider long-term consequences of its move to "give highest priority to minorities".
Urging the government to bring individuals and not specific groups on its focus, Shourie asked it to adopt a "secular thought" for implementing reforms. "Don't prioritise on the basis of specific groups," he said.
Shourie also expressed dissatisfaction that the government "is still struggling with administrative reforms".
He said due to political compulsions, "norms got diluted ... zero tolerance on corruption is also not there". Shourie also urged the government to install sanctity of institutions.

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