Big B bats for beleaguered Dhoni

Big B bats for beleaguered Dhoni

"I am appalled at the way M S Dhoni has been targeted. A week ago he was the apple of your eye. And within seconds, in a show smacking of frivolity, you have made him into the creator of all that ails Indian Cricket. This is most unjust and unfair," Big B wrote on his blog hitting out at the media.

The 67-year-old veteran said that it is easy to sit behind closed air-conditioned doors and draw up plans on how cricket needs to be played, asking the critics to get on to the pitch and feel the "pain and agony" of a game.

Bachchan lashed out at the media for "picking words and putting them out of context", saying that such maneuvers are "smart television, not judicious analysis".
"Yes we are all very disappointed with the outcome of the T20 championships, but don't destroy the spirit of these magnificent athletes.  Don't kill their morale for God's sake," he wrote.

Bachchan said that the media should recall the glorious victory of the year when the Indian team had won the World Championships, rather than pick on the players in their weak moments.

"Come on Dhoni !! You can do it. I have faith in you and your wonderful band of brothers in the team. Regroup, regain and win," Big B wrote.