Hooked to tangy evenings

Hooked to tangy evenings

Chaat Time

Hooked to tangy evenings

Not only the residents living nearby abut also the commuters stop here for a while to savour the tempting array of chaats.

The shop opens at 5.30 pm and serves all types of chaats and snacks till 10 in the night. A large crowd relishing the tangy  chaats, including big gol gappas, is a common sight. Harish, a young and energetic entrepreneur, is the man behind this outlet. He has won many customers in a short time.

“Before opening this place, I used to sell chaats on a mobile cart. I received fantastic response from the people but I was not able to handle the crowd alone. So, I shifted to this permanent shop,” he says.

Harish does not buy ingredients such as chaat masala, garam masala, puris and sev from outside, instead he prepares them at home.

“Earlier, I would buy them from outside, but customers would complain of bad taste. So I started preparing all the ingredients. Now, I know how to please my customer.”

Harish is known for his sweet, sour and delicious masala puri. But gorge on any of his items like peas, aloo-stuffed paani puri, tangy dahi puri, bhel puri, sev puri, aloo puri  or crispy dry puri, a mixture of groundnuts, puri, onion, dry masala and you will find them yummy too.

College students have a gala time at this outlet trying out items one after another. “I come here every evening and I never stop at one item. Among chaats, my favourite is paani puri but I like sev puri too because the taste is unparalleled,” says Hussain  enjoying the the last bit of sev puri left on his plate.

You can also pack your food home and can savour any amount of khatta paani, both sweet and khara.