Little China in Bangalore

Little China in Bangalore


Little China in Bangalore

Started by a man named Dawa, the first thing you notice about the place is its size.

The joint can’t fit more than 12 people at a time but is charming nonetheless. It’s a perfect getaway for all those who are looking for some quick Chinese bites. A popular joint, the place is often frequented by the students across the street. “Students mostly come for noodles or momos over here,” says Dawa, the owner.

As you enter, the subtle yet attractive oriental setting is sure to catch your attention. With watercolour paintings on the wall and a few tables and chairs, it’s a perfect place to sit in the evenings and gobble down some Hot Noodle Soup. One thing that you need to order on the menu is a plate of Fried Momos, if you don’t mind oil in your food.

These are available with chicken, beef and vegetable stuffing and are delicious. There is also the steamed version for the health-conscious. The batter is light and has little salt but the stuffing is tangy and appetising. These are served with a chilli sauce without even a hint of sweet. So try it only if you are friends of spice.

Those, who want to try out something different, can go for Shabhaklay, which is a bigger, round-shaped momo. A plate of these dollops of heaven would cost you anywhere between Rs 40 and Rs 50.

The menu has good mix of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food with soups, noodles and rice items in Manchurian, Szechwan, Hot Garlic or Chilli Sauce. Unlike the Indianised version, the noodles here are not too chatpata or tangy, but are a little bland with the sauted vegetables providing most of the taste.

A good option would be to go for the Special Khawa Karpo Noodles which come with a variety of vegetables such as carrots, peppers, cabbage, baby corn, mushroom and onions.

You can also opt for the non vegetarian version, which comes with gently cooked chicken and a basket of veggies.

A plate of noodles starts at Rs 35 and is enough to kill those late afternoon hunger pangs. Other items you can try out are Glass Noodles, Thukpa (a Tibetan noodle soup) and Laphing.

Sadly, when it comes to beverages, the choice remains limited so while you are here, try to quench your thirst with either fruit juices or milkshakes while you enjoy the Eastern delights!

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