The glow of the gold

The glow of the gold

Twinkling stars


“Usually my mom always makes it a point to buy something in gold. If there is nothing impressive, she buys a coin. I prefer junk jewellery. I keep getting nagged at home to get myself a pair of gold earrings, but I always make do with some funky ones. But I do adhere to the custom only because we have been observing the day for years now.”

Nidhi Subbaiah

“I strongly feel that Akshaya Tritiya is just a reason for jewellery shops to make money. Gold and me are poles apart and I don’t wear much jewellery, which makes my dad
very happy,” she jokes and adds, “I am a  minimalist; at the most I would invest in a good watch if I have to. I wear really small earrings.” 

Risheeka Singh

“All the gold that I own is picked up by my mom or my aunt. We do make it a point to pick up something in gold on Akshaya Tritiya. But I feel that the day gives us a reason to shop, and I’m really not sure if it brings luck at all. When it comes to me, I generally like wearing modern designs or junk jewellery. For a   formal function, I wear traditional jewellery.”

Radhika Pandit

“I am not really a gold person but if I do have to pick out one gold accessory, it would definitely be a small pendant as I love wearing it. I like platinum as the metal and I wear jewellery made out of it on special occasions.”