Metal band to break sound barrier

Metal band to break sound barrier

Summer storm

Metal band to break sound barrier

Band members of Lamb of God. dh photo

The performance at Palace Grounds by the band promises to turn up the heat and take the city by storm. One of the heavy weights in the international metal music scene, the band secured a Grammy nomination for their album 'Sacrament.'

They will be playing music from their latest album, 'Wrath' and are currently on tour till November to promote it. However, they will also be performing from their album 'Ashes of the Wake,' which is said to be the most popular with their Indian fans. Speaking about their first visit to India, the band said they are looking forward to interacting with their Indian fans.

"Chris Adler, the drummer of the band is the biggest inspiration to my own drumming," says Rahul who is travelling from Coimbatore with seven others, to make it to the concert.

Watching the band perform live is so important to him that his brief stay in Bangalore for the weekend.

The Summer Storm Festival will also feature Extinct Reflections and Bhoomi, both leading bands of Bangalore and Mumbai-based hardcore metal band Scribe to open the show.