Civilian rifle training begins

Civilian rifle training begins

Civilian rifle training begins

Trainees having a feel of the weapons at the Civilian rifle training camp in Mangalore on Friday. DCP Ramesh looks on.

Speaking at the civilian rifle training programme organised by the district police here on Friday, he said “terrorism is not restricted to Jammu and Kashmir alone. It has spread even to South India. The citizens of the region may have to face the threat from terrorists at any moment. Citizens should be prepared in this regard. In this background, civilian rifle training is a good effort. The citizens who have undergone civilian rifle training can help the police in containing anti-social activities.” He called upon the citizens to co-operate with the police.

Deputy Commisioner of Police R Ramesh said there is a wall between police department and society. Police punish the culprits. “However, when police slap fine on a vehicle owner for violating the rules, he will be angry on police. Citizens should realise that police have been struggling to maintain peace and harmony in the society.”

The training on shooting will be held at firing range at Moodushedde on the outskirts of the city. Each candidate can fire 30 rounds. The Best Shooter will be honoured.

Prior to the training, all the candidates were asked to take a pledge that they will not utilise the training for any anti-social activities. In case of necessity, they will help the police.

In the first phase, 101 persons will be trained. They will be given training in .22 rifle, said ACP B J Bhandary.


Almost all those who have come for training have not held the rifle in their hand in their life. They were thrilled to hold the arms. Most of the trainees belong to elite class of the society. Of the 101 trainees, there was a PhD holder, two MPhil holders, four doctors, two Accountants, six PG holders, four engineers, six advocates, 10 women and so on.
ACP Girish was present.