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House of Raro

According to interior designer Rolly Gupta of the House of Raro, the biggest mistake people make is shying away from taking professional help for their house and the result is they end up paying double of what they calculated.

"People should take professional help because there are times when they don't know where to get things from the market or sometimes they are not happy with light arrangements," Gupta explained.

"Even though it means spending a bit extra, it is really helpful because we look after your home from day one and even the slightest detail has to be taken care of," she added.

Interior designers say just putting up different pieces of furniture together doesn't necessarily mean the decor is perfect. You have to have proper light arrangements and perfect wall colour accompanied by matching furniture in your dream home.
There is no fixed figure about how much a person generally spends on interior designs as it all depends on his budget, preferences and requirements.
"It all depends on your budget and how much you want to invest in your home. We normally sit with our clients to discuss what they want and then give our inputs. Only after discussion and proper understanding do we go ahead with the changes," said Anjali Goel, CEO and director of La Sorogeeka, an interior solutions brand that deals with concept homes.

"Customers today are well aware of the look they want for their homes and what they wish to achieve with a particular style of furniture. We work towards translating their dreams into reality by providing a wholesome experience that touches their soul," Goel said.
La Sorogeeka specializes in interior concepts based on various themes like Arabian, Mediterranean, Victorian, British and Persian.
"Interiors is not only about furniture, it is about your dream and the way you want your living space to be - classy, comfortable, stylish or sophisticated," Goel said.
Talking about current trends, Gupta said the minimalistic look is completely out of fashion now.

"People are going for a blend of modern and classical look. Complete minimalistic look is out of fashion now. People have become very conscious of their living spaces and know what exactly they want for their house," Gupta said.
"There is a change in the mindset of the people. They are very particular about the colours, furniture and every minute detail because for them their home is close to their hearts," Gupta added.
Twenty-seven-year-old Arunima Kaul is very fussy about the furniture of her house. She wants it to be unique and different.
For her, La Sorogeeka has some great options as they have an in-house unit dedicated to stone works, metal works, fabric department, soft furnishings and glass works.
"We do not retail anything from here as we only make customised furniture according to our clients' requirement. Our each piece is unique in its own way because it is made by in-house designers and you will not get a replica of that piece in the market," Goel said.
"These concept themes give you a special feeling in your house. It is a one- time investment, but the happiness it gives is amazing," she added.

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